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The history of Hotel Rössli

The history of Hotel Rössli goes back to the 16th century. The tavern Rössli receives the so called tavern right from the Lucerne high council in 1706. Henceforth the host was allowed to serve meals and drinks to his guests, to house them and people were allowed to dance in the Rössli.

The history of Hotel Rössli

The tavern right was a high privilege because in the normal “Schenken” hosts were only allowed to serve cheese and bread and only drinks that were manufactured on their own farm.The building from the 16th century was teared down and replaced by a new one in 1898. It was the time where cosmopolitan tourists visited the region of Weggis with had a southern flare. This idyllic beauty with a beautiful lake and nature was appealing to poets, musicians and philosophers. The American author Mark Twain described Weggis as “loveliest of all places” and the Russian pianist and composer Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff felt inspired here. Rosa Luxemburg found drew new strength in Weggis.

The team at Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa continues to do everything to make your stay with us restful, inspiring and vitalizing.

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