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Entspannende Momente in der Schwerelosigkeit des Floating-Tanks

Floating – power regeneration with rest

The Floating Tank is filled with a body-warm brine bath with a high saturation of approx. 30% salt, which lets people float in the feeling of weightlessness.

What is floating?

Floating on the surface of a near-saturated solution of water and salt. Due to the high concentration of salt in the water, the human body experiences so much buoyancy that it freely floats on the water without any form of breathing technique or muscle contraction. In this way, a state of weightlessness is created, with which a prolonged relaxation of all muscle groups is connected.

A floating tank is a container filled with salt water or space in which you can experience this state of weightlessness. You float there in a brine, whose temperature corresponds to the outside temperature of the skin (about 35-36 ° C). Inside the tank, it is completely dark and silent and as a result the nervous system and brain are no longer stimulated by external sensory stimuli. This reduction in sensory stimulation not only allows physiological relaxation, but also inner mental peace.

What are the effects of floating?

The bath in the saltwater tank is more than pure relaxation. The stress-free environment in the floating tank can be used individually for each person: the stressed-out manager looking for a rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, or the creative person who has to free his or her head for new ideas or the one who simply does something good for his skin would like to. Floating is also worth a while for those who are curious and in search of a new sense of body. The positive effects of floating have been proven by numerous medical studies.

These include:

  • Stress reduction with simultaneous increase in stress tolerance (eg burn out, cardiovascular diseases, performance dip)
  • Pain-relieving effect, especially for muscle and joint complaints (for example, back and neck pain, tension headaches, migraines and even muscle hangovers)
  • Increase of athletic and mental performance
  • Skin-care effect due to the highly concentrated salt water.

Geniessen Sie das Floating im Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa in Weggis


By floating on the surface of the water, the body can assume a position that can only be created by floating and causes the perception of weightlessness. Muscles, skeletons, vessels and organs are freed from the effects of gravity. The body can go into a tension-free, natural posture without twists and pressure points. By taking this special position, a unique, very easy to produce form of deep relaxation is achieved. All muscle groups relax at the same time and by eliminating the dead weight joints, vessels and organs are significantly relieved.

Sensory stimulus reduction

Almost every person today has to process very large amounts of stimuli in order to cope with daily professional and private demands. This over-stimulation triggers stress and can lead to fatigue, tension and severe performance degradation. Stress has a negative effect on the immune system and can be the cause of various diseases. The human brain uses over 80% of its capacity to process and reflect on external stimuli during the day.

When floating, the brain and nervous system are relieved of all sensory perceptions:

  • no gravity
  • no orientation of the body
  • no noise
  • no visual influences
  • no temperature fluctuations

Due to the constant water temperature of about 35° C, which corresponds to the human outer skin temperature (“thermoneutral bath”), the nerves on the skin surface no longer perceive a temperature difference. The water is neither warm nor cold. The body is ideally tempered and does not need to spend any more energy to compensate for temperature fluctuations.

Mental effects

The effects of floating on the mind are manifold:

  • Synchronization of the brain hemispheres.
  • Reduction of the brain wave frequency
  • Increase your ability to concentrate, creativity, productivity.
  • Compensate for environmental sensory overload and slowing metabolism
  • Support for meditation, autogenic training and superlearning
  • Stress reduction and increased, long-lasting stress resistance in the following days

Moderne i-sopod Floatation-Tank mit geöffnetem Deckel in rot-beleuchtetem Raum, bietet eine entspannende Flotationstherapie-Erfahrung im Wellnessbereich des Hotel Rössli.
Floaten - Tiefe Entspannung und Regeneration für Körper und Geist

Effects of the brine bath

Brine baths are a traditional healing application in many cultures. They form the basis of many course systems (for example “Dead Sea”). They not only serve the cosmetic care of the skin, but also have a much broader spectrum of activity. The use of brine baths has a positive effect on the skin, cardiovascular system, metabolism, hormonal functions, kidneys and muscles.

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Joint relief
  • Pain relief
  • Tissue drainage (detoxification via the skin)• Relief of rheumatic complaints
  • Vegetative damping effects
  • Generally relaxing and soothing reaction
  • Promote recovery after heavy physical stress
  • Positive effect in psycho-vegetative fatigue and overwork states

Magnesium is considered to be a very valuable anti-stroke drug. Likewise, if sufficiently available, it protects against neurological deficits and at the same time strengthens mental stability. Chemical signal substances (neurotransmitters), which are transmitted between individual nerve cells, bridge the synapses (separation columns) as electrical charge packets. Ions, electrically charged particles cause a flow of current through concerted, coordinated migratory movements. Especially ions of calcium are responsible for these pulses to take place when a critical value is exceeded. However, magnesium ions counteract the ions of calcium and act as a damping element when the signal density is too high and the information transfer becomes too hectic. Thus, if magnesium is lacking, there will be an increased frequency of neurological processes, which may manifest themselves as stress states. This in turn can lead to nervousness, convulsions, gastrointestinal disorders, but also states of total exhaustion. By supplying enough magnesium, therefore, an increased stress tolerance can be achieved. This can be done through the food, but also through the skin through magnesium baths.

Frau erlebt Schwerelosigkeit in einem modernen weißen i-sopod Flotationstank mit blauer Innenbeleuchtung für Entspannungstherapie im Hotel Rössli Wellnessbereich.

Physiological effects

Floating also produces many positive effects on the body:

  • Relief of the spine, muscles and joints
  • Relief of acute and persistent or chronic tension
  • Improvements in herniated discs, joint pain, sciatica, lumbago, strains and sprains
  • Significant decrease in chronic pain symptoms (e.g., Migraine)
  • Support for healing processes (e.g., whiplash, fractures, etc.)
  • Increase in immune functions
  • Lowering high blood pressure, slowing the pulse rate
  • Expansion of blood and capillary vessels, as well as increased blood flow to all cells.
  • Significant reduction of stress-related biochemicals such as cortisol, ACTH, lactate and adrenaline in the bloodstream
  • Positive, soothing effect on the skin (e.g., psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne
  • Improvement of rheumatic complaints
  • Reduction of jet lag symptoms
  • Increased well-being through increased endorphin release


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Frequently asked questions

What should I bring to my floating session?

A bath towel and enough time.

What do I wear in the tank?

Nothing except earplugs.

How does the salt water affect the skin?

The high salt content in the water prevents the skin from becoming “shriveled” as in the bathtub. Instead, your skin feels soft and silky after floating. Many skin ailments are even alleviated and cured by the salt water. Also for hair and nails the brine is optimal.

Can I sleep in the tank?

Yes. There are people who fall asleep in the tank. But you do not have to worry: you can not accidentally turn around. Through the salty water you float like a cork on the water surface of the already only 30cm deep water.

How long does a floating session take?

The float time is 40 minutes. The whole process including taking a shower and changing clothes takes about 60 minutes. You do not need to arrive earlier for the briefing. After the float, you can relax in our relaxation room.

How often should I float?

There are very different reasons to float. Many people want a break from everyday stress, some use the float for therapeutic purposes others for self-experience. This also depends on the recommended frequency of the float. This can range from sporadic floating depending on your mood to multiple sessions a week.

Who should not float?

Generally, the float is very safe, so it is suitable for most people. However, there are some groups of people for whom floating is not recommended:

  • Epileptics who are not under medical control.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Women who gave birth less than 2 months ago or menstruation (only with heavy bleeding or discomfort).
  • Persons with large open wounds.
  • Persons under the age of 16 without the consent of the guardian
  • People with freshly dyed hair

How do people react with claustrophobia in the tank?

The experience of deep relaxation relieves the feeling of tightness for many people who are claustrophobic. In addition, you will not be locked in the float tank, so you always have the opportunity to open the tank lid. The tank can also be used with the door open. At the touch of a button, the interior can be illuminated. During your float session, you can leave the tank as often as you like or board again. Floating can therefore be tailored to your personal wishes.

How is it with hygiene?

We stand for the adherence to absolutely strict rules of hygiene, so that you can safely and calmly get involved in your personal floating experience:

  • The high salt concentration in the water naturally eliminates many bacteria.
  • After each float session, the water is completely filtered and cleaned.
  • The filter system is assisted by irradiating the water with 2 UV irradiation chambers, so that 99.9% of the bacteria and germs have no chance of survival.
  • We also use hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant.
  • Of course we ask every visitor to take a shower before and after the Float Session.

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