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As one of the oldest hotels in the canton of Lucerne and in a privileged location in the middle of Weggis, the topic of sustainability is very important to us.

Our common future

If we tell our guests that they can swim in Lake Lucerne and the water even has almost drinking water quality, they are often very baffled. Already in the 16th century, the wine and vegetable traders arrived at the Hotel Rössli after they had done their market business around the nearby Chapel Bridge in Lucerne.

We are proud that our tradition-oriented company succeeds in uniting Lucerne savoir-vivre and sustainability under one roof. Our close cooperation with farmers and fishermen and the consistent regional and seasonal cuisine are just a few examples of our extraordinary environmental management, because every Rössli guest should feel:

Here everything is done to ensure that this special place stays so beautiful over the next 500 years.

Regional Foods & Suppliers

If possible, we use regional food and consider regional suppliers to avoid unnecessary transport.

Our water in Weggis is of excellent drinking water quality. You are welcome to fill the water carafe in your room directly from the faucet itself and enjoy fresh, instant drinking water!

Herb garden & wild shrubs

Our kitchen has its own herb garden as well as local and often forgotten wild shrubs such as e.g. barberry, black elder, cornel, blackthorn and dog rose. In our kitchen, these fresh herbs are used for a wide variety of dishes such as salads, soups, meat dishes, pasta, but also for desserts.


Our wine menu consists largely of organic wines from Delinat. All Delinat wines come from vineyards with great biodiversity. They are produced by the best organic winemakers in Europe in accordance with the demanding Delinat guidelines.

Regional craftsmen & partners

Whenever possible, we work with regional craftsmen and partners to avoid unnecessary transport routes.

Power optimization

Our in-house solar power system on the roof covers a large part of our electricity consumption. We also use a battery system that temporarily stores excess solar power.

We heat our outdoor brine bath with a modern inverter heat pump. Our steam rooms have a standby power saving function. The Finnish sauna is operated with a basic temperature of 60°C and heated only to 90°C degrees at the request of the guest. As lighting we use only LED’s.

We use excess heat of our air conditioning system to power our water heating system.

Heating oil

Since the district heating pipeline in Weggis has unfortunately not yet been extended to the hotel and a connection will only be possible in a few years’ time, we are still partially using heating oil. Nevertheless, we took other innovative ways and we are working together with the company Enblu AG. Therefore we are the first hotel in Switzerland to use the bioorganic additive TecBlu and we are thereby reducing heating oil consumption and emissions. Further advantages of TecBlu can be found here: www.tecblu.ch/alles-uber-tecblu

Food waste / waste separation

Optimized purchasing and other measures reduce our food waste to a minimum. We separate our waste consistently (waste paper, glass, plastic, etc.). Our Nespresso capsules are collected and recycled. Likewise all PET bottles. The bread leftovers are fed to our horses.

Consumer goods

Printouts are made with Swiss FSC paper, 100% recycled copy paper, reusable containers, waste avoidance / separation / recycling, no fabric softeners, only little usage of chemicals. In the rare cases that batteries are used, they’re almost exclusively rechargeable.

Our partners


Whenever possible, we avoid waste and therefore refrain from unnecessary packaging (for example, at the breakfast buffet).

Guest areas

Possibility for guests to cancel cleaning of the rooms for ecological reasons, mattresses and pillows are regularly cleaned and disinfected, economy shower heads, minibar is switched off when the room is not occupied.

Cleaning products

We clean your room with special fibers and cloths and use Eco Plus cleaning supplements that can be broken down quickly and easily by the environment.

Mattress cleaning

Our Elite mattresses are regularly cleaned with special equipment. High-frequency vibrations are transmitted to the mattress. The dirt separates up to 30 cm deep inside the mattresses from the fibers and is sucked off. Also, the mattress is regularly exposed to strong UV radiation for disinfecting and killing mites. Furthermore, our Elite luxury mattresses are EU Ecolabel certified.

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E-charging stations

Our hotel guests have 12 «easee-charge» electric charging stations at their disposal. To be able to charge your e-vehicle, report to reception and ask for a badge.


We use “Reuse me” and “Trash Hero” products from Schnarwiler for the bathroom amenities, which take into account ecological aspects such as environmentally friendly production and recyclability of packaging etc. All items are also available for purchase.

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We are Swisstainable

We are part of the sustainability program Swisstainable and classified at Level I – committed. The sustainability program Swisstainable unites businesses and organizations along the entire Swiss tourism sector. With our participation, we commit ourselves to continuous sustainable business development, pursue measures in the field of sustainability and thus make a concrete contribution to a sustainable Swiss tourism. More about Swisstainable: MySwitzerland.com/Swisstainable.

Products in use

Sports and vitality body pack

Purifying body pack

REUSEME fragrance stick set Ambience

REUSEME flip flops

REUSEME sewing kit

REUSEME shower cap

TRASH HERO bamboo hair comb

TRASH HERO vanity set

TRASH HERO Loofah exfoliating sponge

TRASH HERO bamboo toothbrush

REUSEME Shoehorn

REUSEME shoe polishing glove

REUSEME Laundry Bag

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