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Massage bed RELAX PLUS

A large part of the population has symptoms such as circulation problems, back pain, tension, headaches and migraines. Their treatment methods are very complex and very expensive.

Your body will thank you!

With regular use of our massage bed, you can alleviate the symptoms in the long term. You don’t even have to spend a lot of time to do this, and your wallet is not strained too much. The above-water massage is mostly known by physiotherapists and doctors and promotes muscle relaxation and blood circulation. Due to the wide range of possible applications, complaints such as back or neck pain can be alleviated in a targeted manner and tension and muscle hardening can be released. The treatment with the massage bed is particularly pleasant and gentle and is therefore carried out without circulatory stress and sweating.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Noticeable relief of pain – especially in the back & neck area
  • Stress relief and active relaxation
  • Versatile use
  • Can stimulate blood circulation
  • Can ensure a more active metabolism
  • Short and uncomplicated treatment (without changing clothes, without showering)

Operating principle / technology:

The RELAX PLUS massage bed uses water pressure. The water is heated to approx. 30 degrees and bubbled with 0.5-4 bar pressure and moves the underside of a rubber surface. You can adjust the massage jets individually according to your wishes. The heat of the water radiates deeply into the tissue layer during the treatment. Because of this, blood circulation and metabolism are promoted. You can choose between a full body massage and a partial body massage. With the full body massage everything is massaged from head to toe and with the partial body massage individual areas of the body can be treated specifically. The optimal combination of hydropower and heat enables a holistic feeling of relaxation during the treatment. So you can take a short break from everyday life.

The most common areas of application:

  • Back & joint pain
  • muscle tension
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Stress-related muscular tension
  • Cervical migraines
  • Mild forms of fibromyalgia
  • Muscular fatigue
  • Reversible dysfunctions of the spine
  • Cervical and BWS syndrome, lumbal syndrome

The massage bed can also be used for the preventive treatment of stress-related symptoms. It is also suitable for athletes. After a strenuous training session, the stressed muscles can regenerate more quickly thanks to the gentle pressure and massage, thus shortening the regeneration phase.

Treatment procedure

First, you will be briefed by our well-trained staff during a consultation and made aware of everything important. Then you lie down on the lying surface of the device without moving. You then select your suitable program and treatment with the RELAX PLUS massage bed can begin.

During the 15-minute treatment, your symptoms will be targeted.


  • Single use 15 min:CHF 20.00

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